The Pros and the Cons of Using a Live CD/DVD For Linux Installation


However, when there is a need to run Linux on a computer system, there is the need to acquire practical and real experience.   Once you have a version of Linux operating system (OS) working, you then need to comprehend how to utilize the Linux desktops, run Linux software programs, and specifically access Linux commands.
In order to work with Linux OS on a computer, the following are methods that can be adopted:

What are the Pros of using a Linux live CD?

More so, if Linux is installed on Windows, it is needful that all data and file be backed up before starting. Windows setup may get damaged when installing Linux or while removing it later.

If your PC has a DVD drive, do not obtain a Linux live CD but rather a DVD version as it can hold about 6 times as much as a CD. Therefore, you’ll get plenty more Linux software program on a DVD!

What are the Cons of Linux live CDs?

            Whichever, using Linux live CDs or installing Linux is an excellent way to enjoy the power of the OS for computing tasks.