Text Processing on Linux


The best tool for learning Linux commands and the running of Linux OS could be the Damn Small Linux. Anyway, if you do not have delight in becoming a computer wizkid, perhaps can this software still be useful to everyone? The reply is an absolute yes. You can use this little Linux OS whether you are interested in the rigorous details of the operating systems or not.
You would realize that the text editors that come with the free Damn Small Linux are easy to use and that they can even run on older Windows computers that don’t even have a market value anymore. Essentially, these word processing applications can be used to compose less difficult text or programs of any degree of complexity or technicality after downloading and installing the Damn Small Linux. Basically, there are different ways of starting the text editors of the OS.

To start the application, click on the DSL tab as shown on the Apps/icon or on the lower-left hand corner toward the top of the monitor. This will immediately open the text editors. They are four in number, namely Notepad, vi (vim), Beaver and Nano.
Categorically, these editors serve different purposes, though basically they are for word processing. In the Dawn Small Linux tutorials, Beaver is a good choice for making and editing text files. It is worthy of note that this editor (Beaver) is a foremost complex editor. The Beaver is solely a resourceful application for web page editing and for programming. It is useful for color coding and the capability to change texts from one case to the other - topmost case, lower case and capitalizing the first letters of all the words in a text file. It can easily convert text from one format to another - Dos, Mac and Unix, you can change texts.

Furthermore, developers would be glad to know that it’s possible to format code on Beaver for programming languages like C/C++, Bash, PHP, HTML, Perl, and Javascript. But then, there is no Help function.
The program used for mails is the Nano application. This originates from the Pico email program which is not outdated for Linux versions. Yet, many UNIX and Linux users love it.
Notepad is entirely another text processor in the Damm Small Linux and it is just like the DOS/windows version of Notepad. Anyway, the Beaver is easy to use and it’s quite powerful than notepad.
The last program in this group of text editors is VIM, VI Improved. It was once a text editor for UNIX and Linux systems that gained wide popularity. In present times, most Linux and UNIX users prefer the use of versions that are well advanced. On the other hand, some prefer the reduced vi version for Linux systems that are other than Damn Linux. If the editor looks complex to use, surely you’ll like the advanced version. You have got to make a choice on the Damn Small Linux.

A word processor that is compatible with MS Word is Ted which is the Office folder. Documents are usually saved in as Rich Text Format (rtf) by Ted. MS Word as well as other word processors, even including the Open Office, can be used to read the doc. Since Beaver and Ted are different applications, documents can’t be opened by each other.