Data Recovery Arising Ivconvert Data Loss


Despite the advancement and frequent update of the Linux, yet the loss of data sometimes occurs in the Linux system causing inaccessibility or loss of data that are crucial. Occurrences like these could be relieved if there is another copy of your data. There are a lot of techniques to keep your data safe - hard disk mirroring among others is a technique by which you could make a precise duplicate of your HDD. In Linux OS ‘Ivconvert’ is an inbuilt conservation meant to change the logical linear HDD volume to a clear cut or mirror the logical volume. Moreover, the point of precaution is when it is not handled carefully, the failure of your hard disk may occur, and data loss is inevitable. In such a period, you have to adopt the use of any data recovery software from Linux data to return your misplaced or lost data.

Ivconvert is an application that is inbuilt with Linux OS that actually helps to change the linear Linux operating system, basically on the hard drive volume to a mirror logical volume. When your system experiences any data loss condition, use the following command lines which can be maintained in any easy to add or remove the disk logs from new mirror devices. The most common utility functions to be carried out on some peculiar tasks:

-R, --regionsize mirror log Region size: . It gives the opportunity to divide the mirror disk into various sizes of defined regions in megabytes.

-M, --mirrors Mirrors : It is a complete option, it allows you to specifically determine the degree of the mirror disk you wish to make. It should be noted here that ‘m 1’ stands for original Linux volume to be changed into a copy of mirror logical volume with 1 linear volume.

- - corelog: This commands the utility to utilize an in-memory log, rather than a disk-based log.

-S, -- snapshot: This option permits you to make the snaps shot with the assistance of another volume that originates from the same region as the existing volume.

-Z, -- Zero y/n: It also gives the chance to give meaning to the zeroing of information of the first KB in the taken snapshot. Then, the snapshot cannot be zero if the volume is set as read-only.

Having a backup of every piece of your important data before you strive to make a change to your Linux volume into a mirror one is always safe as if the stages of change by ‘Ivconvert’ are suspended half-way. It may lead to file loss. Moreover, if you fail to bring back data from the backup or you have not taken any backup, you definitely need to use any Linux recovery software to restore such misplaced, deleted or lost data.
To recover back all your lost, Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery Utility is a tool you can use to recover lost or inaccessible data from any Linux operating system based volume. Such tool can even be used by beginners as it’s not complex