Selecting And Installing the Best Linux Distribution on PS3


It is quite interesting that Sony has been able to develop the Play Station 3 (PS3) in a way that it would be possible for users to install Linux on the console to do more than gaming, but also many other imaginable computing tasks. The installation is as easy as it is on a PC, and there is no need for extra hardware.

The PS3 is a powerful console that is developed with greater speed and power than the majority of modern personal computers because it comes equipped with eight processing cores as compared to the dual core in PCs. As a result, the console could be converted into use a form of supercomputer.
Installing Linux on PS3 does not erase the initial content on the hard drive; all the files of music, videos, games and other kinds of content previously installed on it would be preserved without any loss of data or file. The console can undergo dual booting functionality – users an run it from either the PS3 operating system for a gaming moment, or from the Linux for computing tasks. This is similar to the dual boot options of a computer system that has more than one operating system.

However, the issue is being able to identify the Linux version that is most appropriate for installation on the Play Station 3, looking at the fact that there are several distributions. More so, there are many of the versions that are not compatible with PS3 because they are specifically developed for home PCs and such computers are even far from having 8-core processors!

What then is the way out? Based on user experience, the Yellow Dog Linux is a typical version that actually provides support for the PS3 consoles. In fact, the developer of this version worked on the PS3 compatibility aspect, thus offering many benefits if users adopt it for their Play Station 3 consoles. Such users can make the most out of their PS3 since the Yellow Dog Linux will readily run on the console, and it provides adequate support for all its features, including the hardware aspect.

Furthermore, Yellow Dog Linux has all the usual programs that can be found in a typical home personal computer, and these include media player, word processor, and web browsers. It becomes obvious how users can simply turn their consoles to a supercomputer and get their computing ask done quickly.
Here are the installation steps:

Considering the fact that PS3 comes with the possibility of customization such that it can be used with custom OS, then installing Linux should be hassle-free without damaging the console to the extent of making the warranty on it invalid.